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Star Wars Launch Bay abre en Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Habrá que esperar un poco de tiempo para que este completa la nueva y enorme atracción de Star Wars land, pero Disney es muy astuto en satisfacer las necesidades de más cosas de Star Wars en los parques. Programado para abrir este año esta Star Wars Launch Bay, una experiencia interactiva que te llevará adentro de la nueva pelicula ” Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” 

Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney's Hollywood Studios FULL Tour with Characters, Models, Merch

Star Wars Launch Bay llevará a los visitantes adentro de la nueva pelicula, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, con efectos especiales y vistazos detrás de bastidores incluyendo oportunidades de visitar a los nuevos y favoritos personajes de Star Wars, mercaderia especial y comidas.

La nueva experiencia estará ubicada en el Animation Courtyard en Disney’s Hollywood Studios en el antiguo adificio de Animation.

Adentro encontrará lugares para conocer y saludar personajes de Star Wars, entrevistas detras de bastidores, galerias de productos de colección, artefactos de Star Wars, juegos interactivos de video y mercaderia especial de Star Wars.

  • Encuentros Especiales de Personajes: After entering a themed atrium complete with replicas of Star Wars props, guests can journey to the dark side and encounter Star Wars characters such as Darth Vader in a 360-degree immersive area themed around the Star Destroyer, or they may choose the light side by stepping into a makeshift Rebel base and coming face to face with Star Wars characters such as the most famous co-pilot in the galaxy, Chewbacca.
  • Launch Bay Theater – Guests hear directly from the creative minds behind the Star Wars saga in a short video that includes exclusive interviews with the directors, writers, producers and other key movie crew members who bring the saga to life.
  • The Cantina – This setting, inspired by the unsavory “hives of scum and villainy” in the Star Wars galaxy, is a fun place to explore and take photos near elements of the cantina, such as a holochess table. Holochess is a game seen in Star Wars
  • Star Wars Game Center – Guests can play current and upcoming video games, including new Disney Infinity 3.0 content created exclusively for this location.
  • Themed Galleries – Special immersive galleries will be located throughout Star Wars Launch Bay.
  • Celebration Gallery will feature iconic ships from throughout the Star Wars saga, such as memorable ones of the Rebel Alliance and the Imperial Navy fleet.
  • Celebration Hallway will display large-scale replicas of Star Wars props amid scenic murals.
  • Preview Gallery will offer guests exclusive looks at replicas of props, artifacts and memorabilia from the latest movie in the saga, starting with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Among the items that will be on display are costumes, ship models, droids and artwork.
  • Launch Bay Cargo – A unique shopping area where guests may bring home a variety of Star Wars merchandise, including original artwork and collector’s items.
Star Wars Launch Bay Characters | Disney's Hollywood Studios

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